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Bluegrass Underground Performance

Craig Havighurst talking about the Brothers recent Music City Roots performance. Danny and Tim are warm, sincere fellows who honor everything about the legacy and traditions of their Carter Family kin and their North Carolina musical upbringing - except for anybody's rule book. Can a banjo and a Stratocaster have a conversation? Yes, as we heard in the funky, striding "Fatback" and the Celtic-tinged "Road To Roosky." Does a mandolin pair beautifully with a Rickenbacker 12-string electric? Yes, as we learned in the Byrds-adelic "Green River." As the Carter Brothers traded licks and sang in robust harmony, guest electric guitarist Mike McAdam polished the whole thing to a showroom shine with his clean, pitch-perfect electric slide guitar.

Welcome: Nashville Music Promotions

We have just signed an agreement with Nashville Music Promotions to oversea our affairs. They will handle a good part of our day to day business. Owners Crystal Caviness and Dan Lambdin are very fine people and we have all the confidence in the world that they will do great things for us this year. The Carter Family and Friends continues to grow... feel free to send them a note. Welcome aboard Dan and Crystal.

GRAMMY for 'Road To Roosky'

Our latest Compass Records Release was submitted for a GRAMMY consideration for the 2012 GRAMMY's in the 'Best Americana Record' category... last we heard it had made it to the semi-final rounds... one more to go before we know if we make it to the final 5... hey, its just good to have made it this far...

Tribute to Earl Scruggs By Tim Carter

Thanks Earl... Finding out that Earl Scruggs passed away was like someone punchin me in the gut. I didn't think it would have the impact on me that it did. I've been to Earl's house and he was such a soft spoken and kind gentle man.. maybe that had something to do with it, knowing what a good person he was.. not to mention the impact he's had on my life.
I spent the next 3 days playing Earl tunes on my banjo, watching youtube videos and reflecting on Earl's life... and my own. One thing he said that really hit home was this.. "When I left Lester, I was ready to play some different kinds of music on the banjo, I was tired of playing Cripple Creek all the time.. I always thought the banjo should be heard in different types of music". Man, that really hit home with me.. I felt validated, that its ok that I do what I do with the banjo... I remember him telling me that his proudest time was playing music with his sons... they were a rock band, with banjo..

When I found out the funeral arrangements, I saw that on Fri and Sat they were at the funeral home only 15 mins from where I live. I felt the need to pay my respects. I decided to go down on Saturday, knowing that there was going to be an enormous amt of traffic, but when I arrived, there were only a dozen cars out front... I pulled up to the front, my buddy George Harper was with me, and we went inside. I saw the guest book and signed it, putting my little banjo drawing next to my name and proceeded into the room where Earl was. I ran into fiddler Hoot Hester first, he'd played quite a bit with Earl as part of the band, but only about a dozen people were in the room. I saw Gary and Randy Scruggs and told them that besides my own Father, that Earl was the second most influential man in my life... they appreciated the kind words. Me, George and Hoot walked over to where Earl laid, he looked very tired and worn, a man who had lived his life many times over, he looked ready to be at home, and he was. He was wearing his Country Music Hall of Fame medal, we stood over him and chatted for a few minutes about how much he'd meant to all of us, then George and Hoot walked away... I was standing there by myself with Earl, it was very surreal.. I looked at his hands, they were very wrinkled and very small, they were the hands that changed music forever, there was the man that changed my life and was responsible for who I am today... and I only had two words to say. 'Thanks Earl'. I felt better, I had an intimate moment to say my goodbyes to someone I respected so much. I never thought I would have such a special moment...
I think most all banjo pickers share the passion Earl had with the instrument... when we're not playing banjo, we're thinking about playing the banjo... it just makes us happy.

2012 News!

Carter Brothers Feb. 2012

Hi friends and fans. Man we sure ended 2011 with a boom! Our latest album "The Road To Roosky" is going viral around the entire planet these days. Our first album for Compass Records was released in November (normally not an optimum time to release new records) and crawled and clawed onto the radio charts and the music press media. That all changed in the post-holidays in January. We suddenly found ourselves in the Top 50 on the International Americana Roots-Rock Radio Music Chart at #43 with the likes of Neil Young, Ry Cooder, The Black Keys, Elton John etc...this week Feb. 14 we are at #31. The worldwide music media hasn't called us 'darlings' yet but never the less, pretty heady stuff. Brother Tim and myself are very proud of the work we did writing and recording "The Road To Roosky". It is the most focused and ambitious project we have done to date. We have never written and recorded just for "radio" before and we didn't on this Roosky album either. We write as we wish and to satisfy ourselves and our ever growing fans first. This thing just seemed to click to DJ's around the world in this genre of music. While we have always put out the highest quality albums that we can achieve, on this record we learned the importance of being focused. I'm sure the best we have to offer is yet to come. NOTE: Adding our dear friend Sam Bush as the fifth member of the band on "The Road To Roosky" was not a fluke. We were writing the songs and arranging them with Sam's parts in well as the two tunes with friends Tim O'Brien and Ferrell Stowe.

2012-2013 promise to be a pretty incredible time for us. Compass Records and their wonderkind PR department will be submitting "The Road To Roosky" to NARAS for Grammy Award consideration in several categories in 2013 and to the Americana Music Association and to IBMA in various categories for awards in 2012-2013. We are also very excited about bassist/writer/teacher Adam Chaffins joining the Carter Brothers Band this year! Adam is a fine bassist and a great guy & fits in with us perfectly. We lost 18 year veteran bassist Ross Sermons to a most wonderful woman who became his wife, she is from Hobart, Tasmania(below Down Under), Ross has citizenship now and they reside there. Veteran Carter Brothers drummer/percussionist Dann Sherrill (think every album since year 2000 remains with the band, thank goodness!

Our Grammy Award winning TreeHouse studio in our home here outside Nashville produced more than a half-dozen albums last year and may top that this year! Our dear friend Mike Scott's wonderful new album with Vince Gill, Sonia Isaacs, Carl Jackson(and other greats) "Take Me Lord and Use Me" was a two year project here at the TreeHouse and is up for several Dove Awards this year!

By the way....the rumors are true. We are currently seeking new Management/Booking to handle the crush of new touring business and helping guide our newfound career since we "took it up a notch or two". Contact us directly or thru our publicist

*NOTE: Be on the watch out for "Where The Green Grass Meets the Bluegrass" a collaboration The Carter Brothers undertook with our dear friends & Irish Legends Barney McKenna, Gerry O'Connor, John Doyle & Cathy Jordon along with ourselves, Alison Brown and Ross Sermons. Scheduled Spring release also on Compass Records.

See ya on the road in 2012!

Danny Reid Carter & Tim Carter

Carter Brothers Acoustic Duo Embark On Small Venue/Private Living Room Concert Tour Winter 2011~2012~Dates Available!

Carter Brothers Acoustic Duo Embark On Small Venue/Private Living Room Concert Tour Winter 2011~2012~Dates Available!
by Danny Reid Carter on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 4:30pm

What exactly is a Living Room Concert? A formidable trend for the last 5 years across the USA & Europe, as serious music lovers steer away from bars & nightclubs, is the private House Concert concept. This has been very prevalent especially in the Americana(roots-rock- blues, folk-rock and bluegrass) other words what the Carter Brothers do. Folks usually bring a favorite act into their homes, invite friends & friends of friends, family, pets and charge a 'donation at the door' for the artists. These 'donations' vary in price usually depending on the artist & amount of people attending. Some folks even add on an extra charge to donate to a favorite charity etc.....

What the host and their friends get is a very unique, raw, very up-close and very personal music experience with the artists. A chance for the audience to mingle one-on-one with the artists in a very friendly relaxed setting. Tim and I have done many of these as a duo and with our band. In this type of situation I prefer the two of us in acoustic-mode. It's like sitting in the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville attending a 'writers-in-the-round' evening. Telling stories about the songs, "interesting" road stories and Q&A's are always welcome. Artists really open themselves up in these situations. It's always a very special night with me and Tim! Friends like John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Tim O'Brien, Sam Bush, Dan Tyminski, Peter Rowan just to name a few, have all jumped on board the House Concerts bandwagon(pun intended) as it is usually such a desirable live gig.

For more info about how it works try Googling Living Room Concerts or House Concerts.

We are now booking available dates for this Winter Holiday Season 2011 and on into 2012. If you are or know someone who may be interested in this highly unique opportunity please contact us here on Facebook or:


***we are psycho & insane friendly.

Check It Out!


Carter Brothers

Man, what a summer! Crazy good busy just the way I like it! Signing with Compass Records and the Compass Music Group, recording the album "Where The Green Grass Meets The Bluegrass" with our friends who came over from Ireland and a whirlwind super successful California/West Coast tour in August alone has got our blood stirring!! Now we head to Ireland on Sept. 15-27th where we will do a short radio/promo tour in support of our new album "The Road To Roosky" which Compass will release in Ireland while we're there and in the USA the first week of October. We will also perform at the 10th annual Johnny Keenan Music Festival in Longford, Ireland, our 6th appearance there. Also will do a CD release party Sept. 24 in Longford. October 2-9(the next week) we'll be in our old stomping grounds and home-away-from-home of Key West performing at the Hogs Breath Saloon at 5:30pm Eastern nightly. A CD release party will be hosted by the Carter Brothers Fan Club ( on Saturday Oct. 8 @ 4:00pm upstairs in the Listening Room at the Hogs Breath.

Without spreading ourselves & our focus too thin Tim and myself plan on recording solo albums in 2012 along with the release of "Where The Green Grass Meets The Bluegrass" sometime by the early spring.

Of course our ultimate goal is as it's always been. To be creative/original and to deliver this to you, our friends and fans, in the most exceptional way possible, be it through recordings and/or in our live performances.

Best Always!

Danny Reid Carter

Back From California On To Ireland!

The West Coast leg of our 2011 tour which was concentrated on Northern California was a super success. Way better than we could have ever imagined! Radio stations, especially KVMR & KPIG are & have been supportive flooding the airwaves of the Sacramento Valley, The Sierra Nevada and the San Francisco Bay area with our music and eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new "The Road To Roosky" album in October. The live venues were packed every night and made plenty of new friends and Carter Brothers Fans along the way!

On to Ireland on August 20 2011!

Carter Brothers Sign With Compass Records!

On Friday June 22nd 2011 Tim and Danny Reid Carter reached an artist agreement with with highly presitgous Compass Records and the Compass Music Group to license, release and distribute The Carter Brothers music. Compass, one of the top three largest independent record labels in the world, will immediately begin their formidable marketing strategy and press releases around the world in preparation of releasing the brothers latest album titled " The Road To Roosky". The Bros now have a full time team including publicists, radio marketing, world-wide product distributing and full media support behind them. We could not be happier as Compass has always been our first choice. We've never messed around in setting goals for ourselves and Compass Records doesn't sign new artists very often and the family atmosphere there agrees with our own philosophical sensibilities. World acclaimed multi-Grammy winning musician Alison Brown and husband Gary West, owners of Compass have been longtime close friends of ours and we just made a new album that they both loved. All our stuff will now be on the Compass Records label licensed through our own Tree O Records label. A formal signing ceremony will happen when we return from Key West in a couple of weeks. It's a happy day friends!

"Where The Green Grass Meets The Bluegrass"

Press Release : Wednesday August 03 2011-08-02

"Where The Green Grass Meets The Bluegrass"

Several years ago while on tour in Ireland Tim and Danny Reid met and befriended legendary Irish musician Barney McKenna (The Dubliners). They became fast friends and Barney would always meet up with the Brothers somewhere in the country when they returned to tour and usually sit in with them at their concerts, when his schedule would allow, to the apparent delight of the Irish. The three would sit around after the shows and talk Irish and American folk music history and how tightly bound together the two countries are, musically and culturally. Usually over copious amounts of Guinness and much laughter and joy. On one such occasion and in a dubious state of clarity, the thought came up about how cool it would be to get together and record an album with the three them and a few other Irish and American artists and do just that. It's hard to fathom what a job it would be to pull that off....the logistics alone are formidable. But pull it off they did! Barney and his assistant Padraig Drew will arrive from Dublin at the Brothers home on Thursday August 4 for a few days rest and rehearsal before Gerry O Connor and John Doyle arrive. The album will also feature Alison Brown and maybe a couple of 'surprise guests as well. They will mix newly written tunes along with some Irish and American traditional songs. The possibility exists that the group, which will use the name "Where The Green Grass Meets The Bluegrass" could even find the time for some live tour dates in Europe and North America. More on that later!

The sessions will be recorded at the Carter Bros TreeHouse Studio and at Compass Records Studio. The work will be released on the Compass Records Compass Music Group label.

"New Album"

Today, Monday June 13 2011 our new album was 'mastered', the last technical thing that happens before a CD is published and released. Two of the independent label giants here in Nashville have requested first dibs on listening to our effort, for possible distribution options, before we release it on our own Tree O Records label. We should know something about that in 7-10 days. If both labels decide to pass we will have it manufactured and packaged and ready to distribute in 4-5 weeks on Tree O. I'll try to start posting some tracks here asap.

*Roosky is a small, quaint village in the Midlands of Ireland where we reside at our friends Colm and Cathy & terrier Maxine Casey's idyllic farm when we're in the country. There are a couple of small shops, a small grocer, 6 pubs, a church and a hotel/restaurant/pub called 'The Key West Inn'. It is the headwaters of the River Shannon.

**Note: Jerusalem Moan is a track that we did with our old compadre, mentor, dear friend and world reknown fiddler Vassar Clements here at the TreeHouse a few months before he lost his earthly life to cancer. He was at the top of his game. Not only is his performance insanely wild, bluesy, spirited and beautiful but he also sings and scats throughout the song. We're not sure if he had ever done this on any other recordings he played on during his very stellar career....if so we have never heard it

The album took a year to write and record....we're very slow and deliberate....because we are.

Carter Brothers - 'Road To Roosky'

Produced By: Tim and Danny Carter

1 - 'Woman At The Well'

Tim Carter, Tree O Music SESAC

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Mandolin

Danny Carter - Vocal, Guitar

Sam Bush - Resonator Slide Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

2 - 'Road To Roosky'

Tim Carter, Tree O Music SESAC

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Banjo

Danny Carter - Vocal, Guitar

Sam Bush - Resonator Slide Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

3 - 'She's A Hurricane'

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Danny Carter - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Tim Carter - Banjo

Ferrell Stowe - Slide Guitar

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

4 - 'Sin'

Tim Carter, Tree O Music SESAC

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Banjo

Danny Carter - Vocal, Guitar

Sam Bush - Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Voc, Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

5 - 'Soul Of A Man'

Traditional: Blind Willie Johnson

Danny Carter - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Tim Carter - Vocal, Harp, Banjo

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

6 - 'Jerusalem Moan'


Danny Carter - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Tim Carter - Vocal, Banjo

Vassar Clements - Vocal, Fiddle

Sam Bush - Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Vocal, Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

7 - 'King Of The Hill'

Tim Carter, Tree O Music SESAC

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Banjo

Danny Carter - Guitar

Sam Bush - Resonator Slide Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

8 - 'Deep Ellum Blues'


Ross Sermons - Lead Vocal, Fingerpicking Guitar, Bass

Tim Carter - Vocal, Banjo

Danny Carter - Guitar

Dann Sherrill - Drums

9 - 'What Does The Deep Sea Say'


Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Fingerpicking Guitar

Danny Carter - Vocal, Flatpicking Guitar

Tim O'Brien - Vocal, Mandolin

Ross Sermons - Bass

10 - 'Red Rooster'

Danny Carter, Spaceman Music SESAC

Danny Carter - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Tim Carter - Banjo

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

11 - 'Let Everybody Dance'

Tim Carter, Tree O Music SESAC

Tim Carter - Lead Vocal, Mandolin

Danny Carter - Vocal, Guitar

Ross Sermons - Bass

Dann Sherrill - Drums

Total Time: 53 min.

Recorded at The Treehouse Studio's, Ridgetop, TN

Recording Engineer: Tim Carter

Mixed by Dave Sinko & Tim Carter

Mastered by Dave Harris, Studio B Mastering, Charlotte, NC

New New News News

Good afternoon Friends, it's a gorgeous day up here on the Ridge at the TreeHouse. Blue sky and the trees laden and thick with snow. Was up with Sam all night as she still struggles with her medical condition after her vet visit on Tuesday after we returned from Key West. Mainly her diabetes(like her Daddy). Had to go up on her twice daily insulin injections to 30 units(from 24). Also a nagging little kidney infection (antibiotics) & her chronic hip problems(not uncommon for a 13 yo Golden Retriever) is making it hard to move hard for us to watch all this. I love her & she will let me know when she's had enough. In the mean time we hope and pray for the best results & have total confidence & trust in her awesome doctor's advice.

Brother Tim is holed up in the studio today working on mixes from several ongoing projects for clients who are currently working on projects here at our wonderfully magical TreeHouse Studio. I'm still writing the last couple of songs for our new album "Road To Roosky"...a blues/newgrass/Irish/folk~rock album co-featuring our dear friend Sam Bush. 8 songs recorded & mixed so far. Then I'll begin writing and recording my 2nd solo album, a follow up to "Barcelona".

Having dinner with Mom tonight, who recently moved out here from our native North Carolina home. Mom, a very sweet 83 yo dynamo, is doing great these days. Her in-home therapy, after a recent December hospital stay, is officially completed is considered a huge success. Sitting at her dinner table is always an honor & privilege, she being such an authority about southern food cooking & the conversation is always amusing!

** The photo is Sam with a bunch of kids from the Portland, TN Christian Academy in the main room of our studio here. We donated the studio & our time for a Christmas song they recorded. They made the CD and sold it at a special auction to raise moneys for their school after severe government budget cuts threatened to close the school (Bush/Cheney residue). Happy to report it was a rules!

Tired of reading my insane ramblings yet? lol.....Have a beautiful and most wonderful day!

***From Facebook blog.

Danny Reid Carter Tops The Internet Web radio Music Charts

On January 6, 2011 Danny's song "Black As Love" from his hit album "Barcelona" soared to the Top of the All Genres Web Based Radio Internet Music #1! Congratulations Danny! You can help keep him there by going to and voting. You are allowed to vote multiple times daily 24/7. With a total of over 350,000 votes cast so far Danny has more than 26,500 votes(so date)!

Yes Brothers and Sisters!

Good morning Friends! Beautiful blue Tennessee sky this morning albeit the cold temps and the Jamaican coffee is awesome. I wish everyone a real nice first Monday & first full week of 2011. Sure did enjoy having 6 weeks off here at home. Carter Bros touring season starts Jan. 14 in Key West and we're working hard to finish up our new album "Road To Roosky" by Spring 2011, featuring our pal Sam Bush as a 5th member of the band. Hope to sneak in a new DRC solo album by the end of the year as well.

Me and my song "Black As Love" jumped up to the #3 slot last night with a flurry of voting that numbered over 7,000 hits in 24 hours! Amazing. Never really considered going to #1 but starting to see the possibility that it can really happen in the next few days if the Strong Voting continues. Only 500 hits to the #2 spot which we could easily reach Today with Your help. I sincerely Thank you ALL for your support and believing in me. Much Love to us all!


Hi folks. The band will be in Key West at the Hogs Breath Saloon November 15-21 2010. C'mon down, the water feels great!

The Carter Brothers Receive Honorary Conch Republic Citizenship Award:

The Carter Brothers name has been synonymous with Key West for many years and now history solidifies this union. Prior to a September 3rd 2010 performance at the World Famous Hogsbreath Saloon in Key West, Tim and Danny Reid Carter received a surprise presentation by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners/The Florida Keys and Key West of an Award declaring and bestowing upon them honorary Conch citizenship. The award recognizes over 20 years of performing their original music in Key West and for their work as ambassadors for the Florida Keys during their travels performing around the world. Although the Bros permanent home is in Nashville, TN, Key West has long been their second home and much of their songwriting has been inspired by their stories about Keys life(and we're not talking about the Buffet thing...this is all pure Carter Brothers interpretations). "We were totally surprised and taken aback by the ceremony just before our first song of the night was to begin. We've been so influenced after spending so much of our lives there. We have more "real close friends" there than anywhere else in the world, including even Nashville....they themselves are a wonderful source of inspiration to us and everyone else on the planet and we love them all dearly. I feel like they are as deserving as we are for the contributions they make in their daily lives in the keys. To all of them it is all about giving and sharing. They're my heroes" says Danny. Tim continues "when we get off an airplane and enter the terminal in Key West there is always someone coming up to us saying 'welcome home boys'....and that is so cool. It is so great to be recognized by our Keys family...a real honor!" The Brothers went on to say that "Key West will always be a huge part of our heart and soul and it's spirit will live within us forever".

Carter Brothers Recording

Hi Friends. We will begin the first recording sessions on April 23 & 24 when we will track 5 tunes with Ross Sermons on bass and Dann Sherril on drums/percussion. There will be around a dozen new songs on the New Album after all is said and done. We will tour to support the New CD on both the East/West Coasts in the USA and in the Fall will tour Europe. All dates TBA....keep checking Tour Schedules here, MySpace and Facebook.

"......WORKING & LIVING AT THE TreeHouse......"

Hi Friends. Man, it's April already. Been crazy busy since New Years Day and our first show of 2010 in Key West. We have toured and played gigs from Boston to KW and the Caribbean. And it will get more exciting as the year progresses. We're finally taking the time now to slow down, write and begin recording our NEW Carter Brothers Band album in April and May! Tim and Danny will also be working on their new solo CDs simultaneously. Keep checking our Tour page for show schedules and have a beautiful Spring 2010...!

North Carolina Show!

Get tix NOW for the Carter Brothers Band at "the Aquarius Music Hall" in High Point, NC on Feb. 27. Check the website and call for tix info at several different locations or online at their website:

ALSO~~~~ at "The Roosters Wife" in Aberdeen, NC the night before on Feb. 26. Limited tix onsale NOW at:

"2010 Tour Season Kicks Off In Key West Sept. 03"

Wow. What a nice Christmas we had here at the TreeHouse. And it snowed a little on Christmas day too!. 2009 was an awesome year for us playing over 200 shows, logging about 50,000 air miles, 20,000 road miles, winning a few music awards and just too much to mention right now. We'll do a blog about it all in the coming weeks.

Next Friday, January 01, 2010 we will fly to Key West and kick off our 2010 Touring season. We'll hang out and chill with friends for a couple of days then play the infamous Green Parrot on Sunday January 03 with two shows scheduled @ 5:30pm and @ 9:30pm. Then our old stomping grounds at the world famous Hogsbreath Saloon with 7 BIG nights in a row beginning on January 04-11. Hope you all will be there to enjoy it all with us...and the 78 degree daytime temps!

We wish everyone a Wonderful New Year!

"MERRY CHRISTMAS" & Key West & Beyond & Other News for 2010 That You Just Can't Possibly Live Without...!!!

December 1 2009

Key West, Carter Brothers 2010 Tours and Projects...and other stuff!

Hi friends. We hope everyone had a most wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We are spending our first Holidays ever in the 15 years we have lived here, at our home the Treehouse, just outside North Nashville in the hills, valleys, hollows and deep woods in Ridgetop perched atop what is called the Highland Rim. Mom, Hazel, flew out two days before Thanksgiving and our long weekend was quite nice, just being the four of us(including Sam). Mom, of course, started decorating our home the day after for Christmas and now it looks like a Christmas winter wonderland straight out of Southern Living magazine! She will stay until after the Holidays and we're sure enjoying her being here and she loves it as well.

II: We're flying into Key West a couple of days early, on January 1st on New Years Day to chill, hang with friends and go out to hear some of our local musician friends play (a beautiful rarity!) until our first gig of 2010 on January 3rd at the infamous Green Parrot Bar to be followed by 7 BIG nights in a row at our old stomping grounds the world famous Hogs Breath Saloon just down the street Jan. 4-10. We ARE doing a free & open to the public "soundcheck" on Sunday Jan.3 at 5:00pm at the Parrot. All 8 nights in Key West will be live on the Green Parrot's and Hogsbreath web cams nightly at 10pm.

III: ***The March dates at the Hogs Breath have been pushed back one week beginning on March 8-14. Our apologies for the inconvenience to all that have already booked flights and hotel reservations but these things happen. It should be early enough to change your plans...we hope. We have also added another Hog date the last week in May, 24-30.

We are, this year celebrating 22 years of performing on our beloved island & adopted home...the first six years at Sloppy Joes (circa 1988-'93..such a cool era, in a rabid sort of way) and the past 14 years at the Hogs Breath and occasional one-nighters at the Green Parrot including playing for last years New Years Eve blast-off....oh man!!!

IV: Bookings continue for 2010 for the U.S.....including a 3 week Pacific Northwest Tour, a European Tour and Beyond! We also are recording 4 projects of our own in 2010 after a 2 year recording hiatus since we did our solo albums. Our first new Carter Brothers studio album in almost 5 years, an Irish/American project, which we have been planning for several years and solo albums by Tim and Danny Reid. Winning music awards in the U.S. & Europe for our solo albums was so cool & we hope to do it once more, at least! It's going to be a busy year and we are preparing and gearing up for a full steam ahead schedule once again!

VI: Our award winning state-of-the-art Tree O Studio, here at the TreeHouse, will again be a flurry of activity in 2010. Our client list has swelled to include some of the finest and best known world class musicians in the music business, many we already knew and so many new found friends now are popping in to do tracks and full blown album projects.

Please be sure to visit our websites (links on my Info page here) where you will find tour/show schedules, stores, music, videos, bios, pics etc....Also the president and owner of the Carter Brothers Fan Club, Alex Counts, has a fan club site here and a Main URL site:

Merry Christmas to you all and we hope Santa is good to everyone. I wish for us all much love, compassion towards others and peace on this earth in our lifetime.

Your Friends Indeed

Danny Reid & Tim


This is especially for you banjo players out there. my brother Tim is the cover story of the Dec. 2009 edition of Banjo Newsletter magazine, the holy grail of banjo players worldwide. I remember when Mom bought his first subscription to the publication 28 years ago. Great 8 page interview and pics by banjo wiz and all around nice guy Tom Adams. I could not be more proud & happy for him. If you get a chance stop by his Facebook page and say hello!

The magazine is available by subscription only and also online at:

Have a great weekend!


Autumn 2009

Monday Nov. 02 2009

Hi friends. Well, the road stuff is done for the year and we're settling into the TreeHouse for the Holidays taking a well deserved break from planes, trains, buses and automobiles. Have plenty of studio business to keep us busy here at home as we write songs for our new album and hopefully record it by the first of 2010. Have been recording some demos and experimenting a bit already and getting a feel now for the what the project will be like.

I was just in Massachusetts Halloween weekend with our dear friend, business partner and president of our Tree O Records music label Brian Budzinski. We prepared and formatted each page so that text, pics and mp3's can now be added. Will be working on that the next 2 weeks as well.

Hey, visit our Facebook sites and say hello!



Back Home In Tennessee...and Other Cool News!!!

Hi friends. Man, that was a whirlwind trip to Europe for us. In eight days we flew about 20,000 miles, taking 8 flights, 3 different airlines to 3 countries. The culmination was the Johnny Keenan Music Festival in Lonford, Ireland with our friends Steve Earle, Blue Highway and Leroy Troy. We flew into Dublin two days early just to rest and relax and hangout with friends before being driven to Athy for a live radio show onsite at the "Ireland Ploughing(plowing) Championships"...Irelands biggest event of the year that draws over 250,000 people every year over a three day period! Amazing! The producers of the show told us after the live interview and playing one song that a million people were listening in that day. The Irish obviously take their ploughing seriously! Tim told the radio audience as well as the several hundred people standing around watching and listening by the stage, that the word has a totally different meaning in the U.S.A...!! After that we were driven to Longford, about 3 hours away, checked into our hotel accommodations to prepare for the four day festival. We had a GREAT BIG time with all our Irish friends and fans as well as the large contingent of American friends and fans of which some the trip was spearheaded by the seemingly tireless Alex Counts president and founder of the Carter Brothers Fan Club ( We returned last Wed. through stops in Zurich, Switzerland and a night in Boston before returning to the comfort of our beloved TreeHouse. We had two days to wash cloths and repack for a weekendlong private gathering in the mountains near Boone, NC.

Things will slow down on the road for us after October 22nd. We will be very busy in the studio recording our new Carter Brothers album(in 5 years!) and launching our new Tree O Records artist Chris Cook's new CD. We are also coordinating with our tour planner Paula Templeton as to our 2010 schedule which will include an almost summerlong swing through the Pacific Northwest and Northern West Coast from Juneau, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Northern California...heck, we're even doing a performance in Whitehorse, Yukon! Paula has been and continues to work tirelessly putting together all the logistics and details for such a massive schedule. We'll keep you informed.

*Special note. The Carter Brothers will be going to Ireland acouple of times in the coming months(2010)to begin recording a special project with some of Ireland best known and very gifted musicians/friends to record a second Carter Brothers album for 2010 release called "Where the Bluegrass Meets the Green Grass"...a project we've been talking about doing for several years. We met with Irish music legend and our dear friend Gerry O'Connor who will co-produce the Irish sessions with Tim and Danny. They guys will then bring the recordings back to their TreeHouse studio to record their parts as well as the American guests who will play on the album. This by no means is a small undertaking as they bring together some of Ireland's finest players with some of the USA's best! More on this later!

Tim continues mixing Shelton Williams(Hank III)new album here at the TreeHouse this week and Danny is writing and enjoying a long awaited weekend off the road. Until the next time...Much Love, Best Wishes and hope to see you all out on that road sometime!


The North Carolina Gigs....and Beyond!

North Carolina Gigs & Beyond

Hi friends. Here is our schedule for the NC swing next week and what's going on. We'll be coming in on Wed. 16.

Thursday September 17: We will join up with good friends & former Carter Brothers Band members Johnny Green, Norman Allred and Mark Vernon in High Point for a one night only reunion at a place called "Bimini's" where the guys have a bi-monthly gig with their band The Last Resort. Showtime around 8:00pm. Google for directions. We hope you can make it out as it is a very rare occasion when we can all get together for a performance and I'm sure a good time will be had by all!

Saturday 19th is a Private performance somewhere in NC with the afore mentioned guys.

Sunday 20: Will be an acoustic Carter Brothers performance on the grounds of Blandwood Mansion in Greensboro as part of the Greensboro Arts Council sponsored Summer Sunday Concert Series. Mark Vernon will join us on bass. Showtime is 2:00-6:00pm. There is an opening act. Also Google for specifics and directions.

*We will, directly after the Greensboro gig to drive the 500 miles back to our home in Nashville where we should arrive around 4:00am. At 10:00am we will board a plane for Boston for connecting flights to Frankfort, Germany and Dublin, Ireland arriving in Dublin on Tuesday night (sounds crazy eh?). Hopefully will play golf in Dublin the next day (23rd). We'll drive to Longford, Ireland for the 4 day Johnny Keenan Music Festival which begins September 24: for performance and workshop schedules. Will depart Dublin on the 28th and fly to Zurich, Switzerland and on to Boston.

We will return to Nashville on the 29th for 2 days of IBMA madness then on Oct. 2-3-4 drive to a beautiful farm near Boone, NC for an annual private weekend 'fling' thing we do every year. The performance will be acoustic Bro's with longtime bassist Ross Sermons. Return home on Oct. 5th.

Sounds confusing and insane doesn't it? Well, it is.

Have a beautiful Fall and we'll see you on the road, hopefully in the near future

"TIM WINS......!"

Sunday August 30 2009

Congratulations to Tim Carter for his recent award win at the 2009 Just Plain Folks Independent Music Awards held in Nashville on Saturday August 29. He was nominated in three different categories for his solo album 'Bang Bang' and won the top award for "Best Roots Instrumental Song". The tune, "Cracks In the Floor", from that album is also the title track on the Carter Brothers album of the same name. The JPF is now numbered at 51,000 members worldwide with a voting committee of 600 of those members. We celebrated later that evening until the early morning hours with friends and fans at the Music Row Bar & Grill on 21st Ave. by Vanderbilt University in Nashville.


Off once more to our beloved adopted home of Key West tomorrow (Monday Aug. 31)for a week long 7 night stand at the World Famous Hogs Breath Saloon on infamous Duval Street. This week will also mark the Carter Brothers 15th year of legendary concerts at the renowned music venue. They began performing in Key West 20 years ago at Sloppy Joes Bar and their name is now synonymous in the islands lore. Charter members of the Carter Brothers Fan Club (see link)will arrive from around the country for the week and will join the Bros large local following and many tourists in town for the nightly concerts. Show dates are Monday Aug. 31 through Sept. 6. Shows will be webcast live at 10:15pm nightly:

They guys will return to their Nashville home and studio, the TreeHouse, after that for a week of recording before a week long tour of the Carolinas and then to Ireland for 10 days to close out the month of September.

Have a beautiful day!

"Tree O Records Website Launch"

Monday August 10 2009

Greetings! The new Tree O Records, owned and operated by Brian Budzinski and Tim/Danny Carter, is set to launch it's brand new website ( We are THISCLOSE to having it ready to view. It will be a totally interactive 'internet user friendly' format with all the latest bells and whistles for purchasing and downloading music etc...All Carter Brothers recordings, including their solo music along with newest Tree O Records artist and Carter Brothers friend Chris Cook's music will be available for CD or individual song listen, preview and choose what songs you want to download! Also the latest News as to what the artists are up to as well as the latest Tour news and schedules. As soon as all the text is written and in place we will LAUNCH! Stay tuned and we will let you know. Have a beautiful day!


Sunday August 02 2009

Hi folks. If our Key West friends and fans have noticed, our appearances down in "Paradise" are becoming a bit more scarce from this Spring until 2010. The last several years especially, we have averaged about 7-9 weeks a year...that's about two months out of each year! A lot of time to squeeze into our already break-neck schedule especially as we step up our out tours in Europe and the U.S. We will however be back down to our beloved 2nd home August 31 thru September 6th for 7 rockin' nights in a row at the World Famous Hogs Breath Saloon. After that we will not return again until 2010 as we concentrate on yet another trip to Europe and the continued writing and recording of the next Carter Brothers and the subsequent new Tim and Danny solo albums. The 2010 schedule will probably see us in Key West 4-5 weeks or about one half the time spent there this and in past years. They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...! When we do come down you can always expect fresh new music from all our new writing efforts and recordings plus some new "tribute covers" as well.

Anyway, we really look forward to seeing everyone down there in a few weeks and we'll be ready to rock that joint all week long!

Best Wishes and Much Love to Us All!




Thursday July 16 2009

We strongly advise everyone to visit these site for up to the minute Carter Brothers news and pictures. There are direct links from here to these sites or just type them into your toolbar:

Tim and Danny both have Facebook pages they use almost daily!


Thursday July 09 7:35am CST

Hi folks. We returned from another amazing tour In Ireland and the U.K. last night to our home, the TreeHouse here in Nashville. Left behind many new fans and friends and always good to see our longtime friends and fans there. This, our 9th tour in Europe, was the best yet and I guess it keeps getting better everytime we travel to the Continent to tour. Plans are being made for us for a massive 2010 tour all over Europe...maybe 4-8 weeks. We'll see and keep everyone there and here in the U.S.A. informed. It's good to be home and have much to do before Friday. Will place a detailed blog in the next few days about tour hi-lights and what's going on here currently and the upcoming weeks!

Danny Takes Possession of His New Signature Gallagher Guitar

After 8 months in the building Danny received the long awaited 'Danny Reid Carter Signature Model' guitar by master guitar builders J.W. Gallagher and Son on Friday June 12. Pictures of this incredible instrument are now posted on this site in the Gallery.

The Bros are now in High Point, NC this week for rehearsals with former CBB member, bassist Mark Vernon who will accompany them on their concert tour of Ireland and the U.K. Rehearsals will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be a chill day and Thursday the guys will fly from Charlotte, NC to Dublin, Ireland via New York City's JFK airport. The tour will return to the U.S.A on July 10.

"2009 Summer News Blog: Euro Tour, Tree O Records, New Albums, Personal Stuff etc..."

July 09 2009...1:05pm

"2009 Summer News Blog: Euro Tour, Tree O Records, New Albums, Personal Stuff etc..."

Ireland/U.K. Tour:

We will depart for Dublin, Ireland from Charlotte, NC on June 18th. We will tour as a three piece acoustic trio with our good friend and long time collaborator and former Carter Brothers Band member Mark Vernon on bass and vocals. As most of you know the entire world is under an unprecedented financial recession with European countries getting hit especially hard. It was just started to happen in Ireland when we were there last October 2008 and has gotten dismally worse. We are playing mostly theaters on this tour and a few of them didn't get funding appropriations for 2009 due to the tight money situation. The festival dates are not affected. We have had several shows cancel only to keep our booking agents in Ireland and Northern Ireland scrambling to replace and fill the canceled dates. The Spain portion of our tour was totally canceled by the promoter there who ended up getting cold feet and shallower pockets. We do apologize to our fans in Spain who bought advance tickets to our shows there. We are personally disappointed to not being there in July as planned but we'll be back again soon!

We will perform 14 dates in Ireland and Northern Ireland(U.K.) and will headline the North Wales Music Festival in Conwy, Wales for 3 days...please see schedules at all our websites for any changes and updates(recommended).

We will be back in Ireland along with noted compadre Steve Earle at the Johnny Keenan Festival in Longford, Ireland in September. We hear that the fan club is organizing a trip from the USA for interested parties. Check the Carter Brothers Band Fan Club site(google it). We also usually play a few scattered shows around the country when we play the Keenan festival, before and/or after.

Tree 0 Records (Nashville-Boston) and Tree O Studio (the TreeHouse):

Tree 0 Records was born last year when Danny's solo album 'Barcelona' was released. Tim's re-release of his solo album 'Bang Bang' has also been added to the label. The label, created and owned by Brian Budzinski-Tim and Danny Carter was conceived with the plan to sign independent singer/songwriters who excel at their craft as lyricists, players and vocalists. We have recently just signed our third artist to label. Chris Cook, a longtime friend and incredible musician, from Charlotte, NC just completed his first album for Tree O Records. Recorded here at the studio in April it showcases his natural penchant for southern soul, blues, gospel, Motown and pop. An incredibly GREAT singer and one of the best acoustic guitarists in the Carolinas! We're very excited and happy to have Chris as a labelmate and look forward to some collaborations with the Brothers on future projects!

Meanwhile Danny and Tim both are trying to squeeze in writing time for their unprecedented "co-write album project" for the new Carter Brothers album. Their extremely busy Spring/Summer touring schedule along with the nothing short of phenomenal success of their Tree O Studio has kept them extremely busy seven days a week since January 2009. Such friends and luminaries as Vince Gill, Mike Scott, Sonia Isaacs and Alison Krauss have laid their praises and approval about the great vibe and sonics at the Bros little slice of heaven high up there in Ridgetop, TN outside Nashville. There appears to be no slowing down anytime in the near future for the two brothers.

Tim: Besides being totally immersed as main engineer and 'ruler of "the chair"...' at TreeHouse studio Tim writes for his next solo album (untitled). Loaded with a plethora of new product endorsements for both his artist status and for the studio the UPS/FedEx folks stay busy in the driveway around here!

Danny: Writing, playing on and co-producing projects with Tim in the studio keep Danny Reid plenty busy while at home. Brand new product endorsements have also befallen good fortune on the effervescent 'older brother'. He will receive the first ever world reknown Gallagher Guitars 'Danny Reid Carter Signature' model guitar this week. The guitar, which Danny helped design, was 7 months in the building and to say he is like a little kid at Christmas is not an understatement. The totally handcrafted instrument aesthetically reflects his personality on and off the stage as well. Good mojo here!

The Brothers will spend some time at home after the Euro tour between July 11 and August 22....about 6 weeks with just a smattering of "one off" gigs in between. Maybe they can find the time to finish that long awaited Carter Brothers album...the first in 5 years!

"The end is nothing. The road is all." Willa Sibert Cather

Much Peace

North Carolina Shows

Monday May 11 2009

Thanks to all the Carter Brothers fans and friends for 3 fabulous shows this past weekend. Attendances were great, the band was 'on it' each night and you all were the BEST! Gonna take a couple of weeks to write and record before returning to Key West on June1-7. European Tour begins June 18th. Click on the "BLOG" page and leave the world a message. Have a beautiful week ya'll !

North Carolina May Dates...!!!

Hi friends. The Carter Brothers will make a short swing through North Carolina May 8, 9 and 10 as part of the bands 2009 international tour. Hope to see you there!

May 8th...'The Rowdy Rib' in Rutherfordton, NC. is Western NC's new premier music venue. Check out their incredibly prolific entertainment calender. Showtime is 9:00pm and is being video taped for a future DVD release!

May 9th...'The Garage' in Winston-Salem, NC. The Garage has attained legendary status throughout as on of the Top 3 alternative music venues in the state. This will be an early show from 8:00-10:00pm.

May 10th...On the campus of Davidson College out side on 'the green' located in the middle of downtown Davidson NC. This a FREE concert being presented by many fine area sponsors. This is an All Ages performance so bring the family! Showtime is from 5:00-7:00pm.


Tuesday April 28 2009

We flew home from Key West late last night after 2 weeks of really successful gigs and much decadence. We are back down there in four weeks June-1-7. We statrts the European Tour after those shows.

Danny's birthday is on Thursday April 30th and Tim's is May 7th. A weekend long celebration for the Brothers will take place from Friday May 1st thru Sunday May 3rd. with friends flying in from Boston, San Diego, Key West and North Carolina along with many local friends and aquaintances dropping by the TreeHouse as well on Saturday.

Prepping for a swing through North Carolina with performances on May 8, 9 and 10. See Tour Schedule page here or at our MySpace sites for venue locations, tix info and times.

New mens and ladies Carter Brothers T-Shirts available at the fan club site NOW. Click on the link!


Tuesday April 14 2009

We will fly into Key West this Wednesday evening, April 15, for a 13 day stay in our beloved Key West. See show schedules at any of our sites. The Green Parrot and Hogs Breath shows are live on webcams. We will return home on April 28.

***HEY....Here's something NEW! Check out the new Carter Brothers Fan Club website. There is a link in the right column of this page!

Happy Easter and MORE News!

Hello everyone. Just a brief note to wish you all a very happy and wonderful Easter Sunday Weekend! We are fortunate to be at home here in the TreeHouse where things will be fairly quiet except for a recording session Saturday evening when Danny will record electric and acoustic guitar tracks for friend George Harper's new album followed by some "Easter Cheer"!

Next destination is Key West. We will fly down Wednesday April 15 for a 13 day stay with shows at the Green Parrot(see live webcams) on Thursday the 16th and starting on Monday April 20th through Sunday April 26th at the Hogs Breath(see live webcams)....!

Tuesday April 07 2009

Hi folks. What a great run of shows we had in North Carolina this past week and weekend. Good too see everyone out at our shows and we had a BLAST! We're still in North Carolina and will return to Nashville on Thursday April 09 and will be there writing and recording for five days until we fly down to Key West next Wednesday on April 15 for 13 days. See Show Schedules here.

The Summer European Tour dates are still coming in. The Spain leg dates of the tour should be coming in at any time. Please keep checking back. The tour will last June/July in Ireland, Wales, U.K. and Spain. We will be returning to Ireland for another shorter 2 week tour in September 2009.

Have a great week and we'll be seeing you folks in Key West next week!



Monday March 23 2009

NEW Carter Brothers European Tour Dates have been posted at our websites. The new dates are mostly of the Ireland leg of the tour. All of our Irish fans please take note, make plans and get your tickets early...Slancha!

Gallagher Guitars Endorsement Update...

Danny's very own "Danny Reid Carter Signature Series" model is being built right now by Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace, TN. The delivery date for the two being built for him is sometime around April/May. Already three of these guitars are on a waiting list to be built for other customers with several other orders pending. The guitar will be in Gallagher's catalogue this summer '09. The basic design is from the G-50 Doc Watson Model with Danny's own specs and unique designs added. It's going to be a real classic beauty!

A promotional video was shot at the Bros studio at the their home the TreeHouse on Monday night 03/16/09. Stephen Gallagher has recently re-taken possession of Doc Watsons first Gallagher Guitar which he dubbed 'Ol Hoss'. The guitar became almost as famous as Doc himself over the years being played in all his concerts and historic Doc recordings including the "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" album produced by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Stephen Gallagher brought the guitar for Danny and Tim to play as they were being video taped. Danny, holding back real tears, held the guitar in his hands and proclaimed "I used to watch Doc play this very guitar when I was a youngster into early adulthood. I would be in total awe of Doc and the incredible sound of this guitar which I never forgot....after we did some gigs with and got to know him a little I always asked him how 'Ol Hoss' was doing".

The famous guitar has spent the last 32 years in the Country Music Hall of Fame and a tenure for a while on display at the Smithsonian. Danny played the guitar almost continuously Monday afternoon until late in the evening and kept repeating "I just can't believe it...'Ol Hoss in my very own home for me to play"!

Pics and videos will be posted soon of the magical night....

***Anyone interested in purchasing one of the totally custom made and totally hand crafted instruments can write to Danny personally at: or call (615)-851-6555 or by calling Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace, TN. These guitars are custom made to order and takes approximately 3-4 months to build. Get yourself a slice of what will certainly be a beautiful and incredibly sounding piece of music history. Will have pics and videos up soon.

***Celebrity Sightings: Bros pal Vince Gill showed up at the Bros home, the TreeHouse, last Saturday night for some singin' and pickin' and storytelling and generally cutting up!



Hi Friends. Some new Carter Brothers sites are now up online. The Facebook prescence: /dannyreidcarter.../timcarter.../carterbrothers...and /carterbrothersfanclub.

There is also now a dedicated Fan Club website: which is owned and operated by fans in Maryland/D.C area.

Check 'em out!

"Back At the TreeHouse"

Tuesday March 03 2009

Hi folks. We're back from another awesome week in Key West. The Hogs Breath was packed every night, 7 nights in a row with rabid music lovers. It was pretty tough getting off the airplane Monday night in Nashville in the 24 degree weather but I can already feel the warmer weather just around the corner and ready for a long and beautiful Tennessee springtime! We have plenty to do here for the next couple of weeks in the studio and around the house. Lots of cleanup and re-landscaping to do after the construction of the new studio on the outside. We'll have several loads of topsoil brought in next week and begin spreading it out when we see what the weather does in the next couple of weeks.

The studio is once again almost completely booked with outside clients who are working on projects here. Some new recording projects will begin as well. Stay tuned and we'll be keeping you informed of what's going on here. Right now it's just good to be home and have a couple of days r&r...!

"NEW CarterBrothers News Update Blog"

Wednesday Feb. 18 2009-02-18

Carter Brothers News Update Blog

Hello friends and fans. Just catching everyone up on the latest Carter Brothers related happenings. Well we're just now coming off 4 weeks in a row here at the TreeHouse. We made it through the almost unprecedented sub-freezing frigid cold snap that lasted for 3 weeks up here in Ridgetop unscathed and are now looking forward to a little time in Key West next week. While the cold rain/snow/freezing rain/ice etc...curtailed some outdoor activities we nonetheless got a lot done inside. Tim has practically lived in the studio here since we returned home from our last trip engineering hours and hours of sessions for different clients and we both have been writing new material for the upcoming recordings for our first Carter Bros album in 5 years! Our friend Dave Higgs recorded two more "live" radio shows for his internationally syndicated "Bluegrass Breakdown" radio program. Not to mention several outstanding jam sessions we hosted in the studio with a virtual whos-who of friends and great players from around the Nashville area. We've also have been writing for our respective solo albums to be released in 2010.

Key West:

We will fly down to Key West and do a 7 night stand at the Hogs Breath beginning on Monday Feb. 23. We have been very fortunate to have spent a good deal of the Winter in our tropical adopted home for the past 20 years! The last week in February's always the biggest and our most favorite time at the Hogs Breath. Friends and fans by the planeload and carload come in for a fun filled week of fun and debauchery along Duval St. and beyond and the beautiful sunny 78 degree days and 70 degree nights amongst the sultry swaying palm trees in what is known as 'Paradise'. Alex and Emily Counts, cofounders and engineers of the new Carter Brothers Fan Club, will be down from their Maryland home to enhance an already good time at the Breath all week , along with most of the charter members they have recruited to help out with the new club and website. A reception will be hosted by Alex on Thursday the 26 in the Writers Room upstairs at the Hogs Breath around 6:00pm. We'll all show up, have drinks and some really good food and just hang out together for a couple of hours so please feel welcome to stop by and enjoy! Be sure to check out the HogCams and watch and listen to us live on streaming audio/video each evening: and click on "HogCams". Never know who or what one might see on any given night there! Monday 23~Sunday March 02 every evening at 10:00pm.


Our reps in Europe have been busy booking dates for the June~July Carter Brothers tour. I have been working with them, mostly in the early mornings with the 6 hour time difference, helping to arrange transportation between countries and routing issues. The venues will be mostly small to medium sized theatres and festival appearances as well as BBC/RTE radio and television related things. It will be hard to say how long the tour will last at this early time until the bookings are all in. So far we have dates in Ireland, Wales, U.K. and maybe Spain once again. All dates are being posted on all our websites as they are confirmed. A massive 6-8 week tour is being planned to cover almost all of Europe later in 2010.

*We will be in Ireland at the Johnny Keenan Festival in September.

**A press release from publicist Shari Lacy of GoodStuff PR Co. will be issued next week concerning our recent endorsement agreement with J.W. Gallagher and Son Guitars to all music press related media. The "Danny Reid Carter Signature Model" which I designed along with my friend Stephen Gallagher went into production this week. The totally handcrafted guitar should be ready in about 16 weeks. Tim brought home and is now playing the incredible sounding Doc Watson Model G-55 Dreadnaught.

***Our CD's are now being played in Australia. We really do appreciate all our Aussie friends requesting songs from Carter Brother's albums. We hope to come and play for you wonderful folks in the near future. It feels great to be Down Under in the Southern Hemisphere!

****It is always great seeing all our friends here on MySpace, Facebook and at our main URL website. We have a blast communicating with everyone and reading our emails and blogs!

Much Love and Peace To Us All


"Gallagher Guitars Endorsement News"

Wednesday Feb. 11 2009

From MySpace and Facebook Blogs

Gallagher Guitar Co. Endorsement....

Hi Friends. This past week the Carter Brothers were honored to be asked to participate in the Gallagher Guitar Company's artist endorsement program. We met with Stephen and his father Don Gallagher on Friday Feb. 6, 2009 at their shop and headquarters in the lovely quaint village of Wartrace, TN and spent the entire day playing guitars, talking, having lunch and eventually designing what will be the 'Danny Reid Carter Signature' model which will be available in the Gallagher catalogue this summer 2009. The well worn dusty shop and the curing of warm distinctive aromas of exotic woods from around the world is a pretty heady experience as we were led around for a tour of the famous facility. Tim picked himself out a G-50 Doc Watson model dreadnaught of which they had one in stock and the guitar returned home with us that evening. He fell in love with the guitar soon after arriving and whispered to me that it was to be 'the one' for him. J.W. Gallagher and Son Guitars has been producing totally hand crafted instruments in the Wartrace shop for nearly 70 years. Now they are into their third generation of family luthiers with the most capable Stephen Gallagher at the helm. Stephen will oversee the construction of Danny's model along with a small staff of some of the most highly regarded builders in the world. From what we witnessed the new instruments coming out of the shop these days will be some of the best to date and this generation will be a great era in custom guitar craftsmanship for the company. Detail is the word here. The company (around 5 craftsmen) only produce about 100 guitars per year and quality control is the name of the game down to the smallest detail. Only the finest imported woods, African and Honduran mahogany's, Brazilian and Indonesian rosewood's, Sitka and Adirondack spruce...well, you get the picture, are kept in the climate controlled wood materials room.

Don and Stephen are both two of the most delightful and friendly folks you would ever want to meet. Always with ready smiles and easy going demeanors one would never know how revered and famous the Gallagher name has become around the music world. Don is especially pleased that " the Carter and Gallagher families have come together to share a most rich musical heritage". Tim and myself are very fortunate to have the opportunity to endorse several other well known musical instrument makers and music products companies but I gotta tell you folks, we could not have hand picked a more desirable situation in 'endorsement world'. 35 years ago I would watch and listen to Doc playing his Gallagher and always thought how great it would be to own a guitar with tone like that! To be counted among the other great Gallagher endorsees such as my hero and fellow North Carolinian Doc Watson, my dear friend and acoustic guitar god Jim Hurst, Steve Kaupfman and many other greats is a real dream come true for us. A Gallagher compilation album featuring the above mentioned as well as others along with the Carter Brothers will be recorded and released this year with some of the tracking being done in our Tree O Studio here outside Nashville in Ridgetop, TN. Google Gallagher Guitars and check it out!

Much Peace and Love To Us All


"Carter Brothers Fan Club At Facebook"

A New Carter Brothers Fan Club site is now open at We encourage all you Facebook people to join up for updated news, forums, blogs and all things Carter Brothers to go there today and sign up! It's simple: Go to Danny's Facebook page and find the CBFC on his Friends on it and go...!!!


Danny and Tim both have new Facebook sites up! *Danny Reid Carter* and *Tim Carter* . All you Facebook users are invited to stop in and add or make an add request to get on the lists!

Wishing everyone of you a most Beautiful weekend!

"Brothers Score Big On Documentary Soundtrack"

Tuesday 10/07/08

On Saturday afternoon October 4th 2008 Tim and Danny attended the premier of a new documentary about the historic landmark Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC. The film was shot by famed photographer, videographer, conservationist and friend Jim Morton. The thirty minute video was written and produced by Morton, with an intro by the late CBS newsman Charles Kuralt and is narrated by Dave Carter (no relation). The music soundtrack is all Carter Brothers instrumentals provided by Tim and Danny. The tunes were selected by Morton off of several Carter Brothers albums including Tim's "Bang Bang" solo CD. The Bros, along with Dave Carter and Jim Morton were treated to a standing ovation at the completion of the film which will be shown daily in the theater atop the mountain and the DVD's will be available in the gift shop and at the Grandfather Mountain website soon.

Also this week.......

Carter Bros pal, sometime collaborator and musical compadre Michael Orlando is at the TreeHouse recording his latest CD. Tim and Danny will make appearances on some of the tracks as well. Michael wrote the song "Chronicle" which has become a staple in the Bros live set lists and was also recorded by Tim on his 'Bang Bang' solo CD. Michael also co-founded the popular jam oriented band 'Cast Iron Filter' a few year ago in Charlotte and Atlanta. The band is no longer together. This will be Orlando's third solo album to be recorded at the Bros TreeHouse Studio.

Back from Ireland


We returned from our highly successful tour in Ireland on Monday night after a long 23 hour trip from the Midlands to Dublin, New York and finally to our home in Nashville. We will be posting a lengthy blog here at the News Page this week about the goings on when we have rested up and settled in.

The BBC and RTE 1 Radio/TV Studios(Ireland's national Radio/Television) are proposing a release of our concert there on September 19 as a "Carter Brothers LIVE IN DUBLIN" concert CD on the Carter Brothers 'Tree O Records' label soon. The show was attended by 400 lucky ticket winners at the RTE Symphony Hall/studio..Stay tuned!

Allison Krauss and Robert Plant may be at the Bros home studio, the TreeHouse, very soon this Fall!

***KEY WEST*** Tuesday Sept. 30 2008

All the folks who have been writing to us about our status as to the Key West/Hogs Breath 'corporate shake-up'...we will soon release a statement in the form of a blog here. We are aware of the many of you who fly in from all over the planet to catch the Bros legendary late shows and schedule your vacations around their Hogs Breath shows. To all of our most loyal fans and friends who live on the island....we love you all and appreciate your support and concern. Please keep checking in over the next several days. Our publicist, Shari Lacy at GoodStuff PR here in Nashville will be releasing a general statement soon when they hear more from Tim and Danny as to what they decide to do. As of right now it looks as though the November dates will happen....more to come.




"The Building Is the Hardest Part"...!

The Building Is the Hardest Part

New TreeHouse Studio August 8 2008

Hi folks. On April 26 2008 the footings were poured for the new addition of 1,000 square feet onto our existing log home here in the hills of Ridgetop, TN just a few miles from downtown Nashville. For the past 10 years we have recorded some amazing albums by some incredible artists, including Carter Brothers and our subsequent solo albums here in our home studio with the control room on one side of the house and tracking room on the otherside which doubled as our living room....oh and my bedroom used as an iso-booth! It sounds kind of rinky-dink at first mention but we actually have garnered one Grammy winner and three other nominations and "special mentions" in our humble set up here on a couple of dozen acres back in the woods with its awesome view of 'Smiley Hollow' down below.
We have so many wonderful memories of all the sessions and accompanying good times that went along with them. It was really cool to sit in our living room and watch our friend Vince Gill cut vocal tracks last month....he said afterward "man, why are you guys building a new studio when it sounds so awesome in here". We've had many good friends cut tracks here over the years. A lot, like Vince, are well known around world and we've done quite a few 'gratis sessions' for the unknowns who were working hard and couldn't afford to make a quality recording anywhere else...but that has always been a Carter Brothers philosophy about anything we do. Over the years we have had a lot of folks believe in and have helped us graduate to where we are now and we believe in passing that good karma on down the line to deserving and hardworking musicians. This place, our home and adjacent new studio, just reeks of good mojo and magic, to those who visit here will attest to.

Allison Krauss will be among the first to record in the new space after her tour with Robert Plant this fall and there is a long line building up behind her waiting to record as well. The new Carter Brothers album will be recorded here soon for the Bros. Tree O Records music label..

The new building, which was built onto and attached to the main house is constructed with 10" cedar logs which were milled specifically to match the existing house so as not to disrupt the aesthetic quality of the exterior. The inside is a marvel of custom "artwork" by our very talented and skilled friends from around the USA including award winning L.A. studio designer Kevin Hughes. No expense has been spared from the state-of-the-art control/editing room to the unique layout of the tracking room, designed to actually accommodate room for up to an audience of 30 people to do actual 'live in the studio recordings'. Two large iso-booths, bathroom facilities and small lounging areas inside and outside will add to the comfort level.. As soon as the two foot thick roof was raised and closed in Tim, myself and bassist friend George Harper took some instruments in there and with a toast of some of Tennessee's finest 'shine' commenced to playing songs...the inside log walls seem to soak it all in without complaint!

This Friday night on August 8th 2008 we will begin transferring equipment into the new digs, which will incur another special occasion celebration I'm sure, and prepare for the first session on the following Monday. Tim and myself are living our dream of having such a fine state-of-the-art facility to provide only the highest quality and versatility in recording for us and our clients. But none of all this would ever be possible without the emotional and physical support of some of the best friends/characters/pirates/lunatics and gypsies that a person could ever imagine having!



Danny Inks Endorsement With Fender USA

Danny gratefully accepted an offer to join the Artist Endorsement Program with the Fender Co. last week at the Summer NAMM music trade show in Nashville. Danny has played mostly Fender instruments and amps throughout his career and is "cool...thrilled" to be included on their 2009 artist list...!


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